Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


Why They Are Needed

United States

K2rhymK2rhymK2rhym (Mega Hip-Hop Rap Artist)
IIMSAM Global Goodwill Ambassador
K2rhym is a Tunisian Mega rap artist. He moved to Saint-Denisiin , France at age 15 and later began to produce rap music. K2rhym has worked with, among other things together Reda Talia, Tunisiano, Willy Denzeyn and Akilin. Presently residing in the United States.[ READ FULL BIO ]
Soccer Superstar Staci Wilson Meets President Clinton
Olympic Gold Medalist/All-American Soccer Superstar Staci Wilson and Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM with a focus supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), IIMSAM’s Mandate and CAMPMARADONA©
In the world of sports, an athlete secures a place in history when her team retires the number she wore. Few were surprised when University of North Carolina decided to honor All-America defender Staci Wilson by retiring her #27 jersey in 2001. In fact, it was as sure as a free kick on goal without the goalie present. Wilson is a certified superstar. And her resume is beyond impressive.Wilson was a two-time Parade magazine All-American in high school. In 1995, Soccer Digest named her co-National College Player of the Year. She is widely considered the toughest defensive player in the history of the college game. At North Carolina, she was a member of three NCAA national championship soccer teams in 1994, ’96 and ’97. As a senior, in 1997, Soccer America magazine named her “first-team All-America.” In 1995 and ’96, Wilson played for the U.S. National team and was a member of the gold-medal-winning women’s soccer team at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Drafted in 2000 by the Carolina Courage of the WUSA (Women”s United Soccer Association), Wilson played the 2001 season before nagging injuries slowed her professional career.

Born in Livingston, New Jersey, and currently living in Virginia. Staci is committed to devote all her efforts to the work of IIMSAM throughout the world with the help of her wide network of contacts and soccer affiliations to enhance the mandate of IIMSAM in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as well as CAMPMARADONA©.

Latin America
Goodwill Ambassador - Mexico
Emmanuel is a Mexican singer who debuted in the 1970s. His songs are usually ballads, which became popular during the 1980s. His fourth and most successful album to date, "íntimamente", was written by the famous Spaniard ballad composer Manuel Alejandro in collaboration with Ana Magdalena. It was released in 1980 and had 7 radio hits. Emmanuel still performs and tours throughout most of Latin America doing concerts.[ READ FULL BIO ]

H.E. Carolina HerreraH.E. Carolina Herrera
Goodwill Ambassador - Venezuela/USA
A renowned designer who celebrates and epitomizes the essence of woman in her creations and acclaimed works that find a tremendous appeal which transcend continents, Mrs. Herrera was awarded with the prestigious "Women’s-wear Designer of the Year" from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Most recently, H.E. Carolina Herrera launched a diffusion collection "CH Carolina Herrera" in Europe.[ READ FULL BIO ]

MENA Region

H.E. Mr. Mohamed SobhiH.E. Mr. Mohamed Sobhi
Goodwill Ambassador - Egypt
One of the most prolific actors, theatre directors, writers, comedians and Media Moguls in Egyptian history.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Rami Bou AyashRami Bou Ayash
Goodwill Ambassador - Lebanon
Ramy began his career at the age of 16 as winner of the most popular and famous Arabic contest called "Studio El Fann-(Art Studio)." His first private song "Bghanneela Webdeellah - (Performing Just For Her) " became a hit even before the contest was over, spending 8 weeks reaching the top of the national and International Arabic airplay charts and earning Ramy a nomination for Best Song 1997.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Hussain Al-JassmiHussain Al-Jassmi
Goodwill Ambassador - United Arab Emirates
Hussain Al-Jassmi, the award-winning Emirate artist, started his artistic career after being launched by the TV program Layali Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1997-1998 scoring first in the Gulf world and second in the Arab world. He has performed throughout the world, and was the first Arab artist to sing in the famous Lido Hall in Paris. He has appeared on other theaters in Paris, London, Cannes, Geneva and Marbella. [ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Abdallah Al RowaishedMr. Abdallah Al Rowaished
Goodwill Ambassador - Kuwait
Abdallah Al Rowaished is a popular Arab singer from Kuwait. To date, he has released over 33 albums. He is popular in all the Arabian countries. Al-Rowaished has launched many humanitarian initiatives in Kuwait and Iraq through the allocation of the proceeds of many musical charity concerts to benefit the needy people.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Saber RebaiSaber Rebai
Goodwill Ambassador - Tunisia

Shayma HelaliShayma Helali
Goodwill Ambassador - Tunisia

Sherine AbdelwahabSherine Abdelwahab
Goodwill Ambassador - Egypt

H.E Dr. Talar Hassan BarzinjiH.E Dr. Talar Hassan Barzinji
Goodwill Ambassador-At-Large In support of the Institutional Development of IIMSAM through Its Mandate and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
As an entrepreneur and International businesswoman, Dr. Talar aims to create solutions and to help Kurdistan people in particularly women to develop skills in business micro and macro enterprises empowerment. H.E. Dr. Talar has been promoting private investments and assisting the government of Kurdistan with nation building, infrastructure development, private investment and marketing in the Kurdistan region.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Amer Mohamed AlmahriAmer Mohamed Almahri
Goodwill Ambassador - UAE
Amer Mohamed Almahri is an Emerati musician and singer who holds a PhD in music from Egypt International Institute. He has many Emerati national songs, as well as a number of songs for many drama series. [ READ FULL BIO ]
Western Europe And Other States

H.E. Perry HughesH.E. Perry Hughes
Goodwill Ambassador - United Kingdom
H. E. Mr. Perry Hughes is described by the press as a "music mogul", and is a major figure in the music and entertainment business; perhaps best known as the manager of opera sensation Russell Watson. Mr. Hughes also manages a number of the new generation of world- class recording artists.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Jon ChristosMr. Jon Christos
Goodwill Ambassador - United Kingdom
Jon Christos is an acclaimed British operatic tenor and radio personality, performing in concerts, tours, sporting events, and television shows throughout the world. He also hosted the radio show, Sacred Thoughts, on Premier Christian Radio.[ READ FULL BIO ]

African Region

The Obamas

Photos of the Obamas in Kenya

Pictures from left: 1- IIMSAM’s GWA Mama Sarah Obama with SG R. Maradona 2- Mama Sarah signing the IIMSAM GWA Acceptance Form
IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassadors and Facilitator for the IIMSAM East & Central Africa Spirulina Programme, MAMA SARAH OBAMA & SAID OBAMA, grandmother and uncle respectively of the United States President Mr. Barack Obama, shall play a pivotal role to expand the existing IIMSAM East & Central Africa Spirulina Programme to alleviate severe malnutrition and hunger especially at a time when Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki announced a national emergency and declared that over 10 million people don’t have enough food to eat.

Reports from an International Rescue Committee survey show that an alarming 22% of children under the age of five are malnourished in the worst affected areas of the country by the current food crisis. The IRC’s survey in the Kakuma division, Turkana north, found that almost 40% of local people were surviving on just one meal a day. Malnutrition rates among children under the age of five were 22% which is significantly much higher than the standard rate of 15% which the World Health Organization uses to determine an emergency situation.

IIMSAM aspires to make Spirulina which was described by the United Nations World Food Conference of 1974 as the “best food for the future”, as a key-driver to eradicate malnutrition, achieve food security and bridge the health divide with a special priority for the developing and the least developed countries.

IIMSAM’s East & Central Africa Spirulina Programme uses Spirulina to eradicate various pathologies and deprivations associated with malnutrition amongst disabled children and others suffering from malnutrition.

As IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassadors, the Obamas are assisting and facilitating the cause of IIMSAM to utilize Spirulina which is being cultivated locally by the IIMSAM East & Central Africa Spirulina Programme and its inherent benefits to eradicate malnutrition and associated pathologies amongst children and adults that are malnourished and also amongst populace that has HIV/AIDS. The very programme while establishing lasting capacities and capabilities not only provides employment to the locale in a country where the unemployment rates are alarmingly high but also localizes the benefits and other spillover effects associated with Spirulina cultivation.

Mama Sarah Obama Speaks On IIMSAM/CAMPMARADONA


Said Obama, IIMSAM’s GWA for the “IIMSAM’s East-Central Africa Spirulina Programme

Said Obama
The Obamas in Kenya

From left: Technical Director and Spirulina Expert Fundi Malombo (Technical Director), has presented spirulina powder form to IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador Mama Sarah for her use and the family to fight malnutrition in the Kogelo Region. Mama Sarah’s daughter, Mr. Charles Ochome (Director Camp Maradona), IIMSAM’s GWA Mama Sarah Obama, Mr.Lwamba Fredric (Director administration), Miss Ruth Kwasu (Protocol IIMSAM-ECASP) and Mr. Job Essombo