Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador (Bulgaria) Ms. Anna Popova A- Prolific Int’l Law Attorney & Nominated for “Female Lawyer of the Year 2017” National Justice Awards of Bulgaria, “Temida – The Price of the Truth.” Provides “In-Kind” – “Pro-Bono” Legal Services to Refugees as Part of Her IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador’s Portfolio


Photo left: GWA Anna Popova with selected refugees and their compelling stories of survival and perseverance. Photo right: Ms. Anna Popova, Attorney At Law/International & SG-R. Maradona earlier this year.
IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador in Bulgaria Anna Popova is providing in-kind pro bono legal services to selected refugees as part of her IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador’s portfolio. Anna commented see comments below on her experiences in providing legal services to refugees from various parts of the world who are trying to settle in Bulgaria. Besides, Ms. Popova is coordinating in the overall Institutional Development of IIMSAM in Bulgaria as well as our liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. She is also mobilizing support to raise awareness for the IIMSAM mandate in the fight against the world’s number one killer acute malnutrition. As well as shine a spotlight on her essential role in helping in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which were agreed upon by world leaders at UN Headquarters in New York in September 2015 to protect the planet and make a brighter future for all. Ambassador Popova in the early fall of 2018 will be organizing an event for IIMSAM in the capital city of Sofia.


Comments from IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Ms. Anna Popova, for the IIMSAM Newsletter on her imperative work with Refugees/Displaced People from around the world and their compelling perseverance to survive: “First left photo above which was taken in my office – It’s related with a touching story of Mr. Mohammad Ismail Mohammadi (the first on the right) and his four years old son, whose name is Mohammad Souleiman Mohammadi citizen of Afghanistan. Mr. Mohammadi has left Afghanistan together with his wife by foot more than five years ago and arrived at the borders of Bulgaria, where he was caught and accommodated in a Busmantsi refugee camp… I’m involved with the case from Mr. Mohammadi’s side to protect his son’s rights. I am providing continuous legal advice on an in-kind pro bono basis to a group of selected refugees (See photo left above) as part of my humanitarian contribution to the IIMSAM through my Goodwill Ambassadorial portfolio. This work is imperative to protect the human rights of these unfortunate victims of circumstances beyond their control…as their plight as refugees can only be solved by proper guidance and a legal “Modus Operandi” to pave the way to settle in their new home and live as fellow human beings.”

Comments from IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Ms. Anna Popova, for the IIMSAM Newsletter on 20 year old Refugee turned football prodigy: “Mr. Sisoko Umar Idrisa had left Mali when he was 14 years old teenager. He left by foot, together with his father and a group of his father’s friends more than five years ago. Before reaching Mali’s border, they got into a fight with a separatist and his father was killed in front of his eyes. Therefore Sisoko continued the trip alone with his father’s friends, hidden in a ship. He arrives in Bulgaria and wants to be registered with a refugee’s status. He receives special care from the social workers because he’s underaged. He lives in a camp with an open status, going to a school and learns the Bulgarian language. Meanwhile, Sisoko has started to play football in the PFC “Levski Rakovski”. He has shown excellent results, and he has a real talent. He is a valuable player on the team. But unfortunately, his application for refugees status was rejected from the refugee’s commission, and he won’t be able to be registered for a professional career on the pitch presently until his refugee status is resolved. We complained to the court as his attorney and attended the court hearing. I have said that I give my attorney services “pro bono” as a GWA from IIMSAM because our cause is to fight for a better life.”