Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
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The IIMSAM Children in Kenya Enrolled for IIMSAM Early Childhood Development Educational Programme 2016 Thank the IIMSAM Ambassador H. E. Prateek Kumar for His Kind Gesture with a Contribution on Their Behalf in Support of Their Educational Programme Expansion 2015 – 2016 at the Sheikh Zayed Centre – Kenya

Fredrick Lwamba, IIMSAM’S Field and Administrative Director, seen on left with youngsters who benefited from the expansion of the educational programme at the Sheikh Zayed Centre along with Colleagues: Mr. Essombo and Mrs. Grace.
Mr. Prateek KumarThe over 100 IIMSAM children on the ECDE and Primary School Programme cease this opportunity to sincerely convey their heartfelt special thanks to the IIMSAM Ambassador H.E. Prateek Kumar for his kindness in supporting their ongoing IIMSAM educational programme. The support rendered has converted into the completion for the construction of a temporary structure made of iron sheets to house two classrooms and aid in the acquisition of some of the very basic requirements for an average learning environment. An additional teacher on volunteer services will be assisting and benefitting the Programme under this arrangement. The support was a break through to help expedite to the next level of IIMSAM educational programme in support of the needy children.It is and has not been possible to admit to the center the full board dependent beneficiary scholars including the IIMSAM twins because it is financially not sealable to maintain their sustainability long term at the moment to take care of their day to day accommodation and other related needs at the center.IIMSAM education programme encourages close monitoring of children who are on the Spirulina feeding programme so that they remain steadfast on the programme and helps in ensuring the completion of the feeding circle so that they are eventually reaping the abundant health benefits from the consumption of Spirulina.This will manifest into a much improved body health status within a time span of less than three to six months dependent on the nature of the initial individual health condition. IIMSAM is remembered and revered in Kisumu and surrounding districts for playing a pivotal role in helping save the lives of thousands of children and adults in Kenya since 2009. The children also thanked IIMSAM and its S.G. H.E. Remigio Maradona for the gesture an kindness demonstrated in its effort to expand the educational programme in spite of difficult and fiscal challenges for its sustainability. A lot more resources are however of necessity if reasonable impact is to be created and good results of a state of the art expansion is to be achieveWe kindly request willing donors to come in their large numbers to this educational aid for the purposes of helping the community we serve to achieve a more permanent solution to help uplift the impaired living conditions and abhorred standards in line with and as per the needs of the UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Poverty levels, Quality dietary balanced Food for hunger reduction, preventive and curative health needs for good health and wellbeing, quality education needs, gender equality, clean water and sanitation are but among some of the concerns and necessities of this community. It is envisaged that advocacy for economic empowerment of these communities would be a total sustainable solution to reasonably better their living conditions and life style hence improve and uplift their living standards. It is on the basis of the understanding of the above that IIMSAM Kenya has prioritized the impoverished community as a standard measure to be considered in its arrangement as a matter of priority so that with available fiscal resources it becomes mandatory for the affected to be treated on such an immediate attention hence the need for necessary action to be instigated to help improve on their health needs. Guardian beneficiaries have always conveyed and extended their heartfelt most sincere thanks to the IIMSAM organization and the donors who have so far continued to contribute towards this mission including the concern demonstrated to ensuring their improved health through making it possible for continued feeding on Spirulina and for providing a platform of unique opportunity to help them live quality life and help them steer clear from challenges and dangers of malnutrition hence its related side health complications and subsequent fatal eventuality. The adult beneficiaries who have continued to benefit from the programme have always appealed for continued similar and such support including where possible to be considered for programs that could better improve their lives and living standards. Above all, their hopeful wishes are that they are considered for poverty eradication initiatives, the likes of involvement in economic empowerment programs, hunger reduction initiatives, Health and education programs. All our adult Spirulina beneficiaries reside in slum areas of Kisumu Kenya. They live poor substandard life down the ghettos of slam environment with their helpless families. These families survive on less than a dollar per day. Their children have no opportunity to go to school. Hence, the IIMSAM Early Childhood Educational Programme is their only option. Thus, The IIMSAM Educational Programme will registered as many of them as possible in the 2016 IIMSAM School Programme. In this regards, the Secretary General R. Maradona has and will continue to work on gathering contributions to the programme with our current Members of the IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassadors Programme and others to advocate for the necessary funding to maintain its expansion and the long term sustainability of the IIMSAM Early Childhood Educational Programme.


IIMSAM’S Field Director Commented for IIMSAM Newsletter: “We wish to appeal and extend a special request and invitation on behalf of the children participating in the IIMSAM School Programme for any willing donor including our IIMSAM notable donors to emulate the goodwill action of Amb. Kumar and to kindly extend fiscal assistance for their upkeep and sustainability within the school and feeding program for assurance of sustained health, quality of life and meeting educational needs in preparedness for equipping them with their future skilled manpower requirements to help them lead normal quality life. We are currently feeding over 100 children and adults at the IIMSAM Sheikh Zayed Spirulina Feeding Center in Kisumu Kenya every day. So far we thank all the hands which have extended their kindness with concrete deeds in helping IIMSAM make progress with its activities in the past, present and in the future.”