Exo-humanitarian activities

Ambassador (India-South Asia)

We are supposed to be living in a free modern society, a society that prides itself on its scientific innovations, a society that has shrunk the world into ‘global village’, a society in which human rights are celebrated tirelessly propagated, a society in which the rights of the individual are inviolated. What has scaped us in this age of information and media activism is the plight of more than half of the human population who are afflicted by perennial hunger, by undernourishment and most importantly who are deprived of the very basic human right-the right to nutritious food. A billion books cannot hope to say what Mahatma Gandhi has said in one line;



“There are people in this world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

The most sentient man of our generation, true Mahatma (Saint), gave us a mantra, a path to follow and yet progress on that path has been negligible. This one line is the inspiration of IIMSAM and is the motivating force of our endevour. This clarion call of the Mahatma Gandhi has to find echo in every desolate, despairing and devastated corner of our world, but more so it has to find an echo in our hearts and minds. This echo is the timeless inspiration behind our endeavors.

In our continous efforts to achieve the UNMDGs of eradication of malnutrition & Achieve Food Security, lately, we introduced the IIMSAM-Hash-Biotech-Labs Life Saver Humanitarian Spirulina for free worldwide distribution with a pledge, to restore the true honor of mankind by giving every person the right to food and a healthy life by providing every person the most basic nourishment. A pledge to give meaning and substance to the word human ‘humanitarian’. A pledge to not let the clarion call subside, till malnutrition and undernourishment, the most deadly of mankind’s enemies, are completely eradicated.

We welcome every person to participate in this struggle as people across the economic spectrum can meaningfully contribute towards achieving mandate of IIMSAM of eradication of Malnutrition and achieve Food Security. The unique mechanism of the campaign ensures that every contribution reaches the needy and makes a difference. It would not be amiss to describe the campaign as the first truly transparent endeavour which gives full account of the contribution. The campaign ensures that the IIMSAM-Hash-Bioetech Labs Life Saver Humanitarian Spirulina is provided free of any cost to the malnourished and needy across the world. Let us answer the Gandhi’s clarion call and take a pledge to save, enrich and empower innocent lives lost to the scourge of malnutrition-as together we can and together we will-achieve our goals.

I remained Sincerely,


“Mission is to accomplish the UNMDG’s to save millions of lives suffering from severe malnutrition and to achieve sustainable development”