H.E. Mr. Jaber A. Al BehandyH.E. Mr. Jaber A. Al Behandy
Goodwill Ambassador – Liaison to the Private-Public Sectors – UAE
Mr. Tariq Al BehandyMr. Tariq Al Behandy
Special (Pro Bono) Advisor to the SG on Institutional Development, Special-Events, Advocacy, & Media – UAE
International-Businessman – Mr. Tariq AlBehandy serves as Special (Pro Bono) Advisor to the IIMSAM Secretary-General on Institutional Development-Special-Events – Advocacy – Media – He is also an Adjunct-Coordinator in branding the IIMSAM name in the UAE. As well as liaison to the private and public sectors – Strategic-Partnerships in support of the United Nations Sustainable Goal#17 (Partnerships for the Goals.) To enhance the IIMSAM Mandate and assure its sustainability of its Humanitarian Field Programmes and Initiatives globally.

H.E Dr. Talar Hassan BarzinjiH.E Dr. Talar Hassan Barzinji
Goodwill Ambassador-At-Large In support of the Institutional Development of IIMSAM through Its Mandate and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Talar Berzinji is A British National, born in the Kurdish Region of Iraq from the prominent family of the Barzinji Tribe. She is Presently residing in Dubai and Kurdistan. Dr. Talar obtained her BA Degree in Veterinary medicine from the University of Mosul. Owner and Chairman of Meer Investment Ltd.

Her Excellency Dr. Talar was Selected One of Top Women in Leadership in the Middle East for 2012. She is an experienced entrepreneur with first class business skills backed an extensive network of personal contacts throughout the Region and in particular the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

Her experience in business world is demonstrated by her skills in Identifying trend setter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors and their accomplishments, and locating or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners; discovering and exploring opportunities.

Thus, screening potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities; recommending equity investments, Developing negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating partners’ needs and goals.

As an entrepreneur and International businesswoman, Dr. Talar aims to create solutions and to help Kurdistan people in particularly women to develop skills in business micro and macro enterprises empowerment. H.E. Dr. Talar has been promoting private investments and assisting the government of Kurdistan with nation building, infrastructure development, private investment and marketing in the Kurdistan region.

H.E. Rami El AttarH.E. Rami El Attar
Ambassador At Large/Sp. Ad-Hoc-Missions for Institutional-Development of IIMSAM for the Secretary-General; Secretary-General’s Liaison to our Strategic-Partner and Conduit in the Republic of Lebanon to the Charity Organization for Humanitarian Work (Alias: HCO) – registered at Ministry of Interior Affairs number AD/1996 /30/
H.E. Rami El AttarDr. Amaal Resk Special-Adviser
Eng. H.E. Mr. Kawa Aban Amb.
Official-IIMSAM- Amb. Resident-Representative in Kurdistan
H.E. Rami El Attar
H.E. Mr.S.Oluwatobi Goodwill Ambassador
H.E. Rami El AttarRaheela Khan
Goodwill Ambassador (AKA) “The Mother Theresa of the Kashmir”
H.E. Mr. Enad Adulmasih NahasH.E. Mr. Enad Adulmasih Nahas
Ambassador At Large
H.E. Mr. Mishel Al TaliH.E. Mr. Mishel Al Tali
Ambassador (Russian Federation)
Amb. H.E. Serigne Aramine MbackeAmb. H.E. Serigne Aramine Mbacke
Special Envoy of the Secretary-General (West Africa: Senegal,Equatorial Guinea, Guine, Guinea Bissau- Official-Member States)
Liaison to the Executive Office of the President’s Office-Senegal
H.E. Ambassador George HaraH.E. Ambassador George Hara
Special Envoy of the Secretary-General
H.E. Ambassador George Hara is an archaeologist, entrepreneur/industrialist. Ambassador Hara served as Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, and the Prime Minister’s Special Commissioner on the Government Tax Panel, as Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and as a member of various government committees, including Japan’s Industrial Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In these capacities, Ambassador Hara’s efforts are aimed at lowering tax rates while increasing tax revenues in order to enable the Japanese government to establish fiscal discipline. He was also appointed as Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of ZAMBIA. In the private sector, Mr. Hara founded DEFTA Partners in 1984 and became a Partner at Accel Partners in 1990. He was considered one of the most prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalists in ICT in the 1990s and has led more than twenty companies – including Borland, PictureTel, SCO, Tradex, and Unify – to success. Since 2000, Hara has served as chairman of the board in, or helped to manage, a number of companies such as Oplus Technologies (merged with Intel in 2005), Broadware (merged with Cisco in 2007), Transitive Tech (merged with IBM in 2008) and Fortinet (NASDAQ IPO in 2009).Ambassador Hara currently serves as Chairman of the Alliance Forum Foundation (AFF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of a number of divisions, notably the Alliance Forum Development Program (AFDP) and the Public Interest Capitalism Research Institute (AFRI). AFDP implements the organization’s international development activities focused on (1) eradicating malnutrition, (2) improving education and health care, and (3) promoting economic self-reliance and empowerment in developing nations. On the other hand, he works to conduct research and define new models for post-financial capitalism to replace the prevailing shareholder-centric model of capitalism which lies at the root of global financial crises. Ambassador Hara has also previously served on the boards of the San Francisco Opera, University of San Francisco, Tokyo Foundation, Japan Society and the Hara Research Foundation. In 2003, Hara received the National Leadership Award and was named Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council (Republican Party) in the US. Ambassador Hara was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1952. After graduating from Keio University’s Faculty of Law, Hara became involved in archaeological research in Central America until the age of 27. Following this, he enrolled in the Stanford MBA Program in California and received a Master of Science degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Engineering after a period serving as a UN Fellow. He is also the author of numerous publications, including a Japanese best-seller entitled 21 Seiki no Kokufuron (An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations in the 21st Century), published by Heibonsha in 2007, and Atarashii Shihonshugi (New Capitalism) published by PHP in 2009.
Mr. Ernest Jean Bartiste (AKA: Zononoo)Mr. Ernest Jean Bartiste (AKA: Zononoo)
Special Envoy of the Secretary General of IIMSAM to the Executive Office of the President of Haiti
H.E. Sheikh Hazim Al JubooriH.E. Sheikh Hazim Al Juboori
Senior. Ambassador Extraordinaire/Special Envoy of the Secretary General to (Iraq) (Jordan) (Libya)
IIMSAM’s Ambassador to the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Amb. Sheikh Hazim Al-Juboori, is well known throughout Iraq and the Middle East for his philanthropic endeavors and constant support to all kinds of charities. Sheikh Hazim is very enthusiastic to be at the forefront in the fighting of Malnutrition in the world through IIMSAM. He is committed to devote all his efforts to the work of IIMSAM throughout the world with the help of his wide network of contacts and government affiliations. Sheikh Hazim is a highly successful businessman, Chairman and owner of Al-Juboori Group Limited.
Mr. Mathias C. HiesmayrMr. Mathias C. Hiesmayr
Goodwill Ambassador IIMSAM-Secretary General’s Liaison to the United Nations Office at Vienna and Geneva
and Special Envoy to Cyprus

Mathias C. Hiesmayr the son of prominent business man Kommerzialrat Ing. Hans Hiesmayr (1912-2002), recipient of the Julius Raab ring of honor, bearer of the (Gold) Federal Cross of Merit,honorary Senator HC of the Technical University Vienna – Founder of the former HSK Industrial Group and the Clima Hotel chain. Mathias C Hiesmayr attended the American International School in Vienna and studied in the European Business School in London and the Webster University in Vienna. After his studies he became member of the advisory board of the KR. Ing. Hans Hiesmayr Private Foundation and Managing Director of the Ing. Hans Hiesmayr Holding GmbH in Austria. He opened companies in Warsaw Poland, Frankfurt Germany and in the United Arab Emirates. In his private life he has pursued a career in martial arts and became European Champion in 2003. Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1973, Mr. Hiesmayr is married and has two children.
Mr. Augusto Sorriso

Mr. Augusto Sorriso
Goodwill Ambassador/Liaison to the Italian Government

As an IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy to the Italian Republic and to realise a global partnership for development to eradicate malnutrition and to secure the achievement of the UN MDG’s, H.E. Mr. Augusto Sorriso’s role would be instrumental in facilitating the organization’s initiatives through cooperation with the Italian Republic a Member State of IIMSAM’s Intergovernmental Treaty aimed at using Micro Algae Spirulina in order to realize its mandate to make Spirulina a key driver to eradicate malnutrition, achieve food security and to bridge the health divide globally.

Born in Licata (AG) on January 25th, 1948, after conceding the political science (International-political science) degree with the highest grade, at the prestigious Institute “Cesare Alfieri” of Florence in 1973, he enters the family business, the Sorriso Construction Company, which specializes in the field of public works. At the same time he started other successful economic initiatives like the management of a beach club and the opening of a clothing and shoe store.

In 1975 for the first time he enters the world of politics of Licata when he was elected as a councilman in the “Democrazia Cristiana” party. Since then in the arc of 20 years he was always reelected with great favor of the people and from time to time he held all the citizens’ position (assessor, Mayor, President of the U.S.L. (Social Sanitation & Hospitals), as well as important positions of the party at a provincial and regional level, many times delegated to the National Congresses of the “Democrazia Cristiana.”

In 1993 retired from politics he gets called to be the president of the local soccer team of at the professional level (C1) of which he resigns after bringing the team to an unexpected save from relegations.

In 1994 he decides to bring his family to the U.S.A. (where his wife is from and his two kids are born). In the state of New Jersey, where he lives today, he started in the restaurant business of a franchise of great success that now counts for more than 95 stores, where he is part of the administration council of the SALADWORKS inc. franchise of which he is the vice president and personally directs two (the third should be open for public in August 2008).

He became part of the Italian American community of New Jersey, (he is a member of the Sicilian Federation of the New Jersey association committee that regroups many Sicilian Clubs). In the beginning of the 2007 he founded with others the Sicilian Confederation of North America. In 2002 he received from President Cuffaro the position of the representative of the Sicilian Community in the States, in march of 2004, he was elected in the COMITES of New Jersey and since June of the same year he holds the same position to represent the U.S.A., since May 2007 he has been part of the Presidential Committee of the same Council.

Running for the Italian Senate in 2006 elections of the Central and North American section in the Forza Italia list although not winning he obtained a great electoral success becoming the most voted in the States between all the candidates of all the lists, as a party and as personal preference (over six thousand nine hundred in all of the states).

Mr. Carmelo CastiglioneMr. Carmelo Castiglione
Goodwill Ambassador/Envoy to the Italian Government

As an IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador Carmelo Castiglione’s role would be instrumental in facilitating the organization’s initiatives that are aimed to counter severe malnutrition and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals through cooperation with the Italian Republic a Member State of IIMSAM’s Intergovernmental Treaty aimed at using Micro Algae Spirulina in order to realize its mandate to make Spirulina a key driver to eradicate malnutrition, achieve food security and to bridge the health divide globally.

His role would play an instrumental role in various initiatives of the IIMSAM to realise a world free of hunger and malnutrition by using his sphere of influence to highlight the immense plight of the peoples of the world caused by malnutrition; and would raise various resources through the Italian Government and other stakeholders necessary to make Spirulina a key-driver to achieve global food security and bridge the health divide.

H.E. Castiglione Selected Political Experiences are listed below:

  • March 2003 – June 2008 Delegate to the provincial council – Agrigento, Italy
    • President of the Agricultural commission
  • March 2003 – June 2008 President of the regional institute of animal prophylaxis – Palermo, Italy
    • Responsible for research activities;
    • Responsible for institutional activities;
    • Responsible for regional veterinarian activities
  • March 1998 – March 2003 President of the provincial council – Agrigento, Italy
    • Responsible for institutional activities of the council;
  • March 1987 – June 1988 Major of Licata – Licata, (Ag), Italy
    • Responsible for city’s activities;
  • March 1985 – June 1993 Delegate to town council – Licata, (Ag), Italy
Mr. Enzo GraciMr. Enzo Graci
Special Adviser/Envoy of the Secretary General to the Italian Government
H.E. Mr. F.M. ThierryH.E. Mr. F.M. Thierry
Goodwill Ambassador in France.
Secretary General’s Envoy-Liaison to the (Francophone States/French Speaking States) Organisation internationale de la Francophone (La Francophonie) (57-Member-States)
H.E. Amjed Al Zaghal
H.E. Amjed Al Zaghal
Ambassador, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Mr. Mohammad A. Saleh Al ZaghalMr. Mohammad A. Saleh Al Zaghal
Advisor, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
H.E. Dr. Mohamed Farouk M. AbdelallH.E. Dr. Mohamed Farouk M. Abdelall
Hon. Ambassador Resident Representative in Egypt

A. Michael

D. Ridha

Mr. Kawa Aban

Mr. Kawa Aban has done his masters in Civil/surveying Engineering at Aksaray University in Turkey. He has played a leadership role at WorldGroup, World Bright Institutes for International Languages, World Tourism & Travel Company and many more. Some of his work at World Group For educational Consultancy and programming, yearly sending more than 1000+ students to study abroad of Iraq we have agent of more than 200+ universities and Institutes around the world: Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Malesia, India, Ukraine, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Holland, UK … etc.