Flag of IIMSAM and Jordan

IIMSAM’s H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhahry Hon. Ambassador and Resident Representative for Advocacy and Institutional Development in the K.S.A. Delivers “Concrete Deeds” by Contributing Imperative Life Sustainable Items “Inter Alia” to the Impoverished and Needy Orphans/Refugees Children in Jordan in Cooperation with the United Nations (UNRWA) Sign Below Depicts the IIMSAM and UNRWA Synergy of Cooperation. Outlining the IIMSAM Mandate in Support of Sustainable Development Goals.


IIMSAM’s H.E. Dr. SH. Al Dhahry in a synergy of cooperation with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and the Jordanian SAHAB Centers that were set up to assist refugees and others from the scourages of conflict.

The IIMSAM contributions sponsored by H.E. SH. Dr. Al Dhahry consisting of imperative life sustainability items among others supplied to Orphan/Refugee children, widows, and others who received vital food items, clothes and pivotal transportation for religious sites to perform Umra from Jordan to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.







IIMSAM SG Remigio Maradona


Comments by the Secretary-General of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona for IIMSAM’s Newsletter:
“I want to give my gratitude to H.E. Sheikh Dr. Al Dhahry one of our most prolific “humanitarian par excellance” that our organisation is lucky to have”. “His sponsorship of this grand gestured of Humanitarianism for those who cannot help themselves due to war and conflicts .” I want to also give my gratitude to UNRWA and the Jordanian SAHAB Centers for their cooperation with IIMSAM.” “We must be more generous towards refugees, who were each “a person with an equal right to stand in dignity on this planet”. “As a Physically Challenged person all my life disabled by Polio at the age of two I can relay to the refugees increasingly challenges only united we can succeed and in the process define our time on this planet as that of inclusiveness and tolerance for our fellow human being.” “The UN has set out a plan that aims to resettle at least 10% of the global refugee population every year, as it tries to tackle the crisis. “Shared responsibilities is an asset to the refugee plight.” we must direct our efforts toward relieving the plight of children in refugee camps IIMSAM always stands ready to assist.”

IIMSAM’s/U.S.G.H.E. Dr. Ayman Al Bayaa and Tunisian Celebrity Singer Chaima-Helali in a Synergy of Cooperation with UNHCR-Zaatari Refugee Camp – Emirat Camp – The King Hussein Cancer Foundation Syrian Refugee Children Received Gifts from the IIMSAM

H.E. Dr Ayman AL Bayaa and Tunisian Celebrity Singer H.E. Chaima Helali visited Syrian refugee camps in Jordan


IIMSAM’s GWAs H.E. Dr. A. Bayaa and Tunisian Celebrity Pop-Star in background Chaimaa Helali together with Media group Member from IIMSAM Fatene Azzedine and Wafa Salah with Syrian Refugee Children. and United Nations High Commission For Refugees.

IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassadors: H.E. Dr Ayman AL Bayaa and Tunisian Celebrity Singer H.E. Chaima Helali visited Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.


The visit included UNHCR – Zaatari Refugee Camp – Emirati Camp – for Syrian refugees and the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. distribution of a large
number of gifts to the children and their participation in opening the gifts (toys) gave joy and happiness to the refugee children. The official IIMSAM visit of the GWA’s provided an atmosphere of love and reassurance for the children.

The IIMSAM GWAs also visited the King Hussein Cancer Center and were greeted by HRH Princess Dina Mired. USG H.E. Al Bayaa and H.E. Helali praised the services provided to cancer patients within this great edifice. At the end of the day, Ambassador Al Bayaa hosted a large number of journalists and to discuss a number of humanitarian issues affecting Syrians refugees and cancer patients as well as for the preparation of a number of future initiatives in Jordan. Ambassador Bayaa at the end of the meeting, honored a number of agencies and people who supported those humanitarian issues in Jordan.



Pictures left to right: UNHCR-Mr. Adem Chaqiri by door Zaatari Refugees Camp Director. USG Dr. Ayman Albayaa and Chaimaa Helali Mr. Sofian Alrabayaa.


HRH Princess Dina Mired Head of the King Hussein Cancer Center with IIMSAM-GWAs Dr. Bayaa and Chaima Helali.


Pictures left to right, and below: With UNHCR/WFP Field Officer/WFP, USG H.E. Al Bayaa with Emirati-Camp Director Ali Alzahry, Mgr. H. A. Konahi.