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Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
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Rami Ayash started humming a tune! Being the youngest son in a family that loves music, Ramy’s first interest in Music started at his hometown (Baakleen) in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon. Musical instruments that his parents used to buy to their sons as gifts on Birthdays always surrounded him. In 1987, Ramy’s first public appearance was on his school’s stage. It was not ordinary for a 7 years old boy to sing at stage with such confidence. Along with his school education, Ramy’s talent & personality developed while learning music. When he sang later in a concert celebrating Labor Day, Ramy was only 10 years old and his talent astonished the 10,000 people as a young boy and encouraged him to move on. In January 1996, at the age of 16, Ramy decided to participate in the most popular and famous Arabic contest called “Studio El Fann-(Art Studio)” held every 4 years in the Lebanese TV Station: LBCI (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International) and seen by millions of people on television. Hundreds of contestants were presented to audience in front of a 10 members committee who were all specialized in Music and Art. From his first appearance, his talent on stage charmed the audience and the committee. At the end of the contest that lasted 9 months, Ramy earned the golden medal, certificates from the members of the committee. His first private song ” Bghanneela Webdeellah – (Performing Just For Her) ” became a hit even before the contest was over, written by Michael Jeha and composed by Joseph Jeha, arranged by the Maestro Rafik Hobieka. This hit track spent 8 weeks reaching the top of the national and International Arabic airplay charts and it earned Ramy a big nomination for best song 1997. Although many might consider succeeding in this program as the end of their dreams, to the young determined and ambitious Ramy it was just the beginning. This success was followed by his first album in 1997 “Raeh – (Splendid)”, the music arrangement of that song made a change in the scope of Arabic music, with the single “Bghanneela Webdeellah” and it gave Ramy the chance to make his first international performance tour, playing over 50 concerts starting from his home country Lebanon, Australia, UK, Italy, France, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, and Syria. “Raeh” became number (1) album in Lebanon; leading to live shows in front of thousands of fans, national television appearances.

In 1999, and during this time Ramy continued to develop his Music Arrangement joining the Arabic music with international beats and tunes, by releasing his third album “Welah – (The Ah Expression)” with his fabulous and irresistible romantic single “Shtatilak- (Missing you so much)” written and composed by him, arranged by the Maestro Ehsan El Monzir, and where it occupied #1 on Billboard’s National Sales, National Airplay and International Arabic Airplay, with the two other hits “Sawad Elninny – (Black Eyes)” and “Welah”. In the mean time Ramy filmed the Video for his Popular hit “Shtatilak” in Turkey with the Lebanese German Director Said El Marouk, living large in Top20 Countdown and it had been chosen the #1 Video for 3 weeks on TVs. It is hard to find artists who have had such an image, success and have managed to not only stay grounded but also maintain a positive and appreciative attitude. During the year 2000 he released his album “Diwan Al Hobb – (Divan of Love)” with the songs “Arfeeno – (Knowing You)”, a pure oriented song mixed with international beats and tunes, “Khad Hareer – (Smooth Cheek)”, and “Allah Aleak – (Your Amazing)”. Ramy Ayach continued his way into another success when he filmed his video “Arfeeno” which spent 4 weeks in the Top Video Charts. The Album’s another video song “Khad Hareer” was filmed in Germany and was exclusively lensed for the well-known German TV station (DW).

Ramy says:I was thinking about what my next album would be. It was a challenge, a challenge with the real me! I wanted to make something new, thinking about the rhythms, percussions and solos. I wanted to create a new identity for my own music and video giving it the right energy, spending a long time in the studio exploring a new ideas with the Arranger and composer Jean Marie Riachi who had arranged most of my hit tracks and the Director Said El Marouk who created most of my videos, sharing ideas and making a good team and combination. In 2002, Ramy completed his debut splendid album “Albi Mal – (I Am in Love)”. When I first heard this song with Jean Marie on his Piano, he explains: I was truly excited and felt that’s definitely the real me. The 8 new tracks that comprise the Super Song “Albi Mal”, written by Nabil Abu Abdo, composed and arranged by Jean Marie Riachi, and the other hit songs “Alla Ykoun Maak – (May God be With You)”, “Behwak – (I Love You)” composed by Ramy and “Allaylo Ya Layla” for the Legend Lebanese Artist “Wadih El Safi” renewed by Ramy’s voice with a new mixing, modern rhythms and tunes. He says:I have always loved this song and wanted to share it with my new tracks. I am doing it out of love for his brilliant song and it’s creative lyrics and melodies.

Ramy Adds:Making a progress is something wonderful and exciting, but the most important thing is to keep this success and celebrate it, and then to take a look forward to the next step. I wanted to stop for a while thinking and having a break. A hit song is not easy to find, it’s like loving somebody from the first site! Your heart starts beating you can’t stop it. “Albi Mal”, cemented Ramy’s status as a Professional Pop Star in the Middle Eastern Countries, and left his mark all around the Arab’s World. The hit track “Albi mal” occupied #1 on Billboard’s National sales and Airplay and International Arabic Airplay and nominated for Best Arabic vocal performance 2002 and #1 dance Pop Song 2002 on Disk Jockey’s charts all around the Arab World. The Video song “Albi Mal” nominated for Best Video in the National TVs and International Arabic Video Charts. I have always loved driving Formula; its a matter of time competition. The story of the video is that I quit formula for a long time living lonely and carelessly in a semi-desert area in my Caravan…. => (bio taken from nagomi.)