Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassadors H. E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhahry & H. E. Dr. Ayman Al Baya’a Become Pioneer Sponsors of the Newly Developed IIMSAM Humanitarian Spirulina Chocolate Flavor Super Bar for Free Worldwide Distribution a Potential Game Changer in the Fight Against Malnutrition

(Photo #1 From left to Rt.): IIMSAM – Special-Adviser, Mr. Anis Chtioui, Secretary General R. Maradona,The Chairman of the Al Dhahry Group – Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhahry and the First Sponsor of the IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Spirulina Nutrition Bar. IIMSAM’s Ambassador (India-South Asia.) H.E. Kunwar V. Sandal. Founder and Chairman of Hashbiotec-Labs IIMSAM’s Principal Strategic Partner.
(2nd photo left to Rt.): H.E. Kunwar V. Sandal – H.E. GWA Dr. Ayman Al Bayaa, Chairman of The law firm Al Wasl International Group Advocates and Legal Consultants. SG R. Maradona and Goodwill Ambassador (Finland.) H.E. Mr. V. Juha.
IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Spirulina Bar is an outcome of research and innovation, embedded in deep roots, of IMSAM’s & Hash Biotech’s joint Research facility in Republic of India – IIMSAM HASH BIOTECH LABS PHYCOLOGICAL RESEARCH & CULTIVATION CENTRE (IPRCC). Once again, IPRCC carried on with its reputation and legacy to carve niche in Phycology, study of micro-algae,by delivering a world class product which has surpassed all set standards. The team at IPRCC began their exciting endeavors to formulate a highly nutritious and pleasantly tasteful bar in the month of September 2015 with a panel of Scientists and industry Experts. Goodwill Ambassador Al Dhahry was the first one to come forward with “Concrete Deed” for such a great humanitarian cause. IIMSAM shall always be indebted to Ambassador Al Dhahry for this benevolent act of kindness as the first pioneer sponsor.

H.E. Sheikh Al Dhahry will be freely distributing thousands of Spirulina Super Bars in Yemen, Refugee Camps along the borders of the KSA. IIMSAM through the efforts of H.E. Al-Dhahry is working on a “Modus Operandi” in a synergy of cooperation between IIMSAM & various government and nonprofit entities in the KSA for implementation and sustainability of the lifesaving distribution programme of the Free Humanitarian Spirulina Super Bar at the local – regional level and worldwide. After the recent humanitarian appeal made by Secretary General to all stake holders, goodwill Ambassadors and associates of IIMSAM to become sponsors. H.E. Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Amyan Al Bayaa lost no time to come forward to support IIMSAM Life Saver Advocacy Campaign by sponsoring significant number of Chocolate bars for the Children. His prompt and benevolent approach should be emulated by others in sponsoring significant number of IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Super-Bars of free distribution every month on ongoing basis for 3000 children in refugee camps throughout the Mena-Region and other parts of the globe. GWA – Al Bayaa expressed his immense pleasure after tasting the Spirulina Super Bar and said:

“IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Bar has potential to take our endeavors of combatting malnutrition to new horizons; tactically, taste factor, especially in the case of children, plays substantial role in the success of such campaigns”.

IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Spirulina Nutrition Bar™ is an outcome of innovative thoughts of the Secretary General of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona and the scientific team of research & development Principal Strategic Partner of IIMSAM – Hash Biotech Labs, Republic of India. This chocolate Spirulina Super bar is specially designed for the children of war effected zone of the Middle East, African Civil Strifes and other areas of the world submerged in “Force Majeur” shall mean acts of nature, war (whether declared or not), invasion, revolution, insurrection, or other acts of a similar nature or force; causing calamities, human suffering, conditions of malnutrition and related illnesses.) etc who require immediate attention. This super bar gives as many calories as one meal and as much nutrition as required for the entire day to the children.

IIMSAM SG Remigio Maradona

Secretary-General R. Maradona Commented: “This Spirulina Nutrition Super Bar for free distribution internationally is unique and first of it’s kind in the world for it contains more than 5 grams of Spirulina…in this super bar, IIMSAM is targeting ‘Underprivileged Children’ specifically in underdeveloped countries or war-hit countries as an immediate source of nutrition to recover health status.” …it was not an easy project to accomplish as Ambassador Sandal so eloquently has described the major challenges mentioned during product development. We would like to congratulate the entire team of HASH BIOTECH LABS PHYCOLOGICAL RESEARCH & CULTIVATION CENTRE..(IPRCC) for this grand success which has potential to change the perspective of combatting malnutrition as a game changer…I would also like to give my sincere appreciation to Goodwill Ambassador Al Dhahry ” for being the first Sponsor of IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs Lifesaver Humanitarian Spirulina Nutrition Super Bar…as well as Goodwill Ambassador Al Bayaa for his farsighted vision to see the need to support the distribution of this super Spirulina chocolate bar with “Concrete Deeds”…thus, I hope H.E. Sheikh Al Dhahry and H.E. Al Bayaa benevolent acts can be emulated by others as our Organizational Motto says IIMSAM works with “Concrete Deeds.”

The Making of the IIMSAM Spirulina Nutritional Super Bar the First of its Kind in the World Was a Major Challenge to Overcome:

Each chocolate bar contains more than 5 grams of “Spirulina”

The Making of the IIMSAM Spirulina Nutritional Super Bar

Amb. Sandal with Research-Team in the early stages of developing the IIMSAM-Spirulina Super-Bar.
H.E. Ambassador Vikrant Sandal Founder and Chairman of IIMSAM Hash Biotech Labs: H.E. Ambassador Vikrant Sandal describes the major challenges that were overcame to get the IIMSAM Spirulina Super Bar: “Only the most nutritious as well as most tasty formulation shall was finalized” Said H.E. Sandal…”There was a team of 12 Experts with different sets of expertise to take this research project to the logical conclusion. There were numerous sessions with different ingredient variations, comprehensive tests for taste, calorific value, stability and other edibility tests. IPRCC team came out with One hundred and twelve variants of Spirulina nutrition Bars. However, we are pleased that the final outcome has surpassed all the set standards as it would not delight only taste buds of the children but also give them complete nutrition as desired. In real terms, to achieve this objective was not an easy task as there were multiple challenges to overcome.

The first challenge was that the chocolate should look like a chocolate. Spirulina has a unique property to take over the color of the any base material in which its getting dissolved into. It turns it into strong dark green. We, at IPRCC, were sure that the children wouldn’t like to eat some green looking bar. So, we stuck to the basic that chocolate bar should look like chocolate bar’, so, we blended Spirulina in a way that it could not take over the chocolate’s color despite of its high quantity.

The second challenge was pungent smell of Spirulina. This was a big challenge as children wouldn’t want to eat something with fish-food type of smell. Our team of experts took long but overcome this challenge with flying colors.

The third major challenge was ‘The Taste’. Ultimately, For children all its matters is the taste. Entire research and effort could have collapsed if our team couldn’t have come up with the best taste. Spirulina has a very strong taste. Like color, it takes over the taste of anything in which it gets dissolved into. The final product speaks for itself. It tastes like any other best quality Finnish or Danish Chocolate bar. This is a very big achievement in itself – Despite of the fact that each chocolate contains more than 5 grams of Spirulina.

Fourth major challenge was to make it “Lactose Free” as some children are allergic to it. With so many changes in the ingredients and the way of blending/formulating it, it wasn’t easier either. But, like all parameters and set standards, this was also met.

Fifth major challenge was Stability. This product has been tested for highest level of stability and for reasonably acceptable temperature.

Sixth major challenge was Calorific Value. This product has 463 calories in it which are equivalent to the one times meal for the children. Hence, meeting the objective of “One Time’s Meal and One Day’s Nutrition”.

IIMSAM Spirulina Super Bar

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