Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


IIMSAM in Association with Kanwaljit Sandal Foundation & Hash BioTech Labs launches “Global Spirulina Campaign” by pledging its support to Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity, Republic of INDIA for highly nutritious dose of “Spirulina”

IIMSAM Relief Efforts in India

IIMSAM Relief Efforts in India

IIMSAM Relief Efforts in India

IIMSAM’s Special Adviser of the Secretary General Mr. Vikrant Sandal with number of anemic patients. Women suffering from anemia.

IIMSAM Relief Efforts in India

IIMSAM Relief Efforts in India

Patients registering themselves for a free check up. Panel of Doctor examining a patient and checking out the symptoms of cancer
IIMSAM, unbolted another campaign “Prayatana-An Effort to Cure Severe Malnutrition” to aid shockingly high number of patients suffering from severe malnutrition in village Mallan of Dist. Muktsar, Punjab in collaboration with Kanwaljit Sanadal Foundation & Hash Biotech Labs. Muktsar and its neighboring districts have been noticed to have a very high density of severe malnutrition and various other illnesses including a high rate of cancer patients most of them cannot afford the costly treatments. IIMSAM with its strategic technology partner Hash BioTech Labs has provided them with Spirulina extract doses free of cost and scheduled regular supplies with the help of local village heads.

IIMSAM’s Sp. Adviser of the S.G. Mr. Vikrant Sandal, who firmly believes that corporate entities have to play a larger and leading role in the 21st century sustainable development agenda and lot much can be achieved if every corporate establishment in the world behaves responsibly towards the society it is operating in. Under dynamic leadership of Mr. Vikrant Sandal, Hash BioTech Labs has undertaken rigorous campaigns for the last three years to raise awareness about the benefits of Spirulina which is a potent tool to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal of “Malnutrition Eradication” from the global map.

In his message H.E. Ambassador R.M Maradona Secretary General IIMSAM :

Has congratulated KSF and his official working partner Hash BioTech Labs Pvt. Ltd. for its cooperation and willingness to assist IIMSAM in its success in achieving the target.

Despite Its Limited Resources IIMSAM Responds Swiftly to the Emergency and Catastrophic Situation by Sending an Emergency Relief Supply of Spirulina to Be Distributed to the Severely Affected Victims of the Worst Famine in Decades in the Northern Part of Kenya-Somalian Border

Photos of Spirulina


Photos of Relief Efforts in Somalia

Selected photos: Catastrophic scene at the Dagahaley Camp, in North-Eastern Kenya where thousands of Somali refugees arrive daily at the camp after East Africa’s worst drought in decades. Picture on rt: Desperate: Seven-month- old Mihag Gedi Farah weighs just 7lbs and was hours from death after arriving at a field hospital in Dadaab, Kenya

The Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition following up on the catastrophic fact of the emergency situation in Northern Kenya bordering with Somalia IIMSAM will begin an immediate distribution initiative from the IIMSAM H.R. H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Spirulina Feeding Centre jointly with its Strategic Partner Mr Thierry Gasnault who will be providing the logistical support to IIMSAM in order to immediately deliver the Life Saving Spirulina supply to the dire needy food situation in the northern part of Kenya bordering with Somalia that has been a subject covered by the worldwide media in the last few days. IIMSAM will be providing immediately Spirulina Life Saving dry concentrated powder form harvested at the IIMSAM Al Nahyan Spirulina Centre within the last two weeks for this emergency. A concerted effort from IIMSAM’s hard working staff under the able guidance of the Deputy Director Mr. Job Essombo who currently assisted with others the work at the Centre in order to have the Life Saving Spirulina available for immediate distribution.

This life Saving Production will save many lives. The Spirulina will be distributed immediately in Northern Kenya bordering Somalia which is intended to help relief the catastrophic situation affecting thousands of children languishing in the mucky state of poverty, glaring hunger that characterizes the status quo in this part of Kenya/Somalia. Hence, subsequent state of ill health and malnutrition affecting infants, children and adults. The East Africa’s worst drought in decades has created an inhumane situation of calamitous proportions depicted in the pictures above.

This is at a cost not exceeding $12 per child and for adults about, $60. The consignment of Spirulina from IIMSAM is packaged in plastic-packets of 150gm each (see pictures above) earmarked for the benefit of a single child for several weeks and is to be safely delivered under the stewardship and guidance of our IIMSAM team & strategic Partner who has provided the logistical support for the emergency relief efforts of IIMSAM. The emergency team will be on its way from the IIMSAM Centre on this life saving mission.

IIMSAM SG Remigio MaradonaThe Secretary General of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona Stated Firmly:
“I commend The IIMSAM Staff and our Strategic partner Mr. Thierry Gasnault for taking a swift action in assisting IIMSAM at the field level in order to save lives that are suffering from severe malnutrition in this harsh environmental region of Northern Kenya/Somalia. I appeal to not only to our IIMSAM Donors, Supporters, Goodwill Ambassadors and the International Community to assist IIMSAM to carry out its Mandate to combat malnutrition by making Spirulina one of the key drivers in the food security agenda in the halls of the U.N. and other International Organisations who tackle with the issue of food security. We have shown the world through our Spirulina feeding programmes in the Republic of Kenya that despite our limited resources what can be done on pure goodwill and the acceptance of Spirulina as a catalyst in fighting malnutrition.” Now it is time for the powers that be, to emulate IIMSAM and save lives with concrete deeds!”