IIMSAM works to promote the use of Spirulina against severe malnutrition. It has been established through two international agreements that are recognized in the UN Treaty Series. IIMSAM is accredited as a Permanent Observer with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in keeping with resolution E/2003/212, dated 5th March 2003.

IIMSAM maintains communication channels open with entities around the world that deal with Spirulina. These include: Antenna-Technologies, Geneva, Switzerland; IIMSAM Scientific Research Institute, France; Earthrise Farms, U.S.A.; Chinese Farms, including Lake Shanghai-the largest in the world, Peoples Republic of China; Solarium Biotechnology, Chile; Centre for Science for Villages, India; and University of Toliara, Madagascar.

IIMSAM has an International Panel of Experts that provide technological, scientific, and operational support and biological and engineering advice. These include some of the world's leading experts on Spirulina:

IIMSAM maintains communication with the following Specialized Agencies of the United Nations at the headquarters level as well as their respective Liaison Offices at UN Headquarters in New York:


Official Member States of the IIMSAM Multilateral Treaty Agreement as of 31st July 2008 include:

Italy Benin Burundi Democratic Republic of Congo Equatorial Guinea
Flag of Cameroon
Gambia Guinea San Tome and Principe Somalia Cameroon

Special-Strategic Working Relationships Within the United Nations Agenda with:

Argentina Cameroon Dominican Republic Nicaragua Paraguay
China France India Madagascar Cuba
Chad Chile Mexico Myanmar Vietnam
Chad Chile Mexico Myanmar Vietnam
Vanuatu Iraq Bahrain Spain Bolivia
Nigeria Honduras Sudan Venezuela Ethiopia
United States