IIMSAM - International Experts Facilitators Panel

Professor Yunming Lu

One of the World's leading spirulina experts and considered by many in the People's Republic of China the Spirulina Father
Special Adviser/Expert of the Secretary General in the P.R.C. & Chairperson of the IIMSAM Spirulina International Panel of Experts

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Dr.Theodore Sotiroudis

Dr.Theodore Sotiroudis is IIMSAM's Scientific Expert and Technology Facilitator from the Hellenic Republic Greece. He was born in Athens in 1946. He graduated from the Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece in 1970. From 1972 to 1976 he was a postgraduate scholar of the National Hell...
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Dr. Charles L. Roe, Ph. D.

Dr. Roe is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of Algisys, a biotech company focused on producing nutritional oils and high protein additives for the supplement, food & beverage, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to Algisys, he co-founded and served as the CTO for Biofuel Producers of Amer...
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Mr. Dieudonné Fundi Malombo

Mr. Dieudonné Fundi Malombo is an agricultural engineer specialized in phytotechnology from IFA/Yangambi (Institut Facultaire des Etudes Agronomiques) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His experiences of extreme poverty, severe malnutrition, unemployment, diseases including HIV/AIDS in the country played a ma...
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Mr. Joseph Kirahagazwe

Joseph Kirahagazwe, Spirulina Expert and Principal Adviser to the Director-General of IIMSAM for Burundi. Mr. Kirahagazwe grew up in one of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi. He was an outstanding student Après de at the University of Burundi, where he became a professor of literature. He was appointed...
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Prof. Klaus Wagener

Prof. Klaus Wagener is a professor of Biophysics and Chemistry and IIMSAM's Facilitator on Spirulina. He is Professor-Emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine, Technical University of Aachen, Germany and was the visiting Professor at the Catholic University PUC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Prof. Wagener was the Director of t...
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Dr. Maria J. Barbosa

Dr. Maria J. Barbosa, Facilitator and Advisor of the IIMSAM on Microalgal Photo-bioreactors for Spirulina cultivation, has a Ph.D. degree from the Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Her research explored the facets related to the scaled-up production and optimization of micro algae cultivation through photo biorea...
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Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, M.D.

Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, M.D., IIMSAM's International Expert on Spirulina is a specialist in experimental medicine and sport medicine. Dr. Vidalo is the Chairman of the Medical Institute Hippocampe, located in Geneva, Switzerland. He has worked for over fifteen years on various varieties of Spirulina, their development ...
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Prof. Salvatore Musumeci

Prof. Salvatore Musumeci, IIMSAM's Facilitator from the Republic of Italy has a M.D. degree from the University of Catania, Italy. A career spanning in various disciplines such as paediatrics, haematology and nuclear medicine, Prof. Musumeci at present is a Professor at the Paediatric section of the Department of Pharm...
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FranceDr. Ripley D. Fox, Director Emeritus and Head of Science Research Institute IIMSAM, France
IndiaDr. B. D. Kaushik, Head-Divison of Microbiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India
BeninDr. Roger Adounkpé, Head of Spirulina Programme CREDESA, Pahou, Benin
ChileDr. Francisco Ayal, Scientist and CEO of Solarium Biotechnology, Spirulina producer, Chile
ChinaDr. Miao Jian Ren, Chairman of the Science and Technology Commission of Guang Zhou, People's Republic of China
madagascarDr. Ravelo Vololonavalona, Scientist and head of Spirulina program, University of Toliara, Madagascar
FranceDr. Hubert D. Chastel, Senator Emeritus and Honorary Director-General of Scientific Research, IIMSAM, Scientific Research Institute of Micro-Algae in Biotechnology, France, and Director of the Spirulina Farm, Sosa Texcoco, Mexico