Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


Secretary-General of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona Welcomes the Appointment of Swedish National & Humanitarian Extraordinaire H. E. Dr. Mariwan Baker Goodwill Ambassador to Sweden in Support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030 Through the IIMSAM Mandate


GWA H.E. Dr. Mariwan Baker and Secretary General Remigio Maradona of IIMSAM.
A PhD graduate, Dr. Baker is a Swedish National born in Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq on 25 May 1973. Ambassador Baker has been involved in helping poor and sick people since the end of the 1990s. His Excellency has Master’s Degrees in Physicist and Medical Physicist.

Dr. Baker was after the Kuwait war, a refugee, trapped in the mountain area between Iraq and Iran. At the age of 19, he migrated to Sweden, where he was a refugee for almost three years, he was transferred to seven different refugee camps outside of the city of Stockholm. Dr. Baker intensified his humanitarian aid to the refugees and internal displaced people (IDPs) in Iraqi, Kurdistan in 2014 through the present time a synergy of cooperation with Local Government Authorities, the United Nations Relief Agencies, Private sector, NGOs, Foundations, Swedish and European Entities “inter alia”.

H. E. Dr. Baker will be now dedicating his full-time to helping the 2 million refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan through the IIMSAM Mandate. His Excellency will be championing the IIMSAM cause in support of the IIMSAM Mandate and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030 in order to achieve the ambitious Goals, launched by the UN in September and to be reached by 2030. In particular in purview of IIMSAM’s Mandate SDG #2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Comments by the Secretary-General of IIMSAM Remigio Maradona: “It is an honor for me to have appointed a truly “Humanitarian Extraordinaire”…His Excellency, Baker with an impressive humanitarian record as a deeply devoted humanitarian who cares about those who are less fortunate than him, in particular the over two million displaced refugees living in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan his place of birth.” “Ambassador Baker’s involvement with IIMSAM will assist in the strategic importance to launch our programmes in Kurdistan and other refugee camps in the Region…His Excellency has conveyed his wishes to put all of his humanitarian activities under the IIMSAM umbrella as an expression of his desire to formalized and provide continuous and sustainable humanitarian aid with “Concrete Deeds” through the IIMSAM Mandate in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030. Ambassador Baker is converting all his humanitarian activities under IIMSAM’s umbrella…I am deeply moved by the grand gesture of humanitarianism and unwavering support and commitment he has for the refugees…with his direct efforts toward relieving the plight of children and others living in refugee camps.”

1. February 2016: Ahmad is a 7-year-old boy, refugee child from Sallahadin, but now living with his family in the camp of Arbat in the province of Sulaimaniyah. He needs skin transplantation. His Excellency Baker will take him to India for the surgery.

2. September 2015: Samir is a 12-year-old boy, originally from Salladin province, who lives in the camp of Rizgari in the province of Sulaimaniyah. His 17% burnt body should be treated abroad. His Excellency Baker will take him to India for skin transplantation.

3. July 2015 in Erbil: Dr. Baker with Abdullah, father of Aylan Kurdi. Aylan was a 3-year-old boy, who was founded drowned offshore in Turkey. Famous Worldwide Media Story.

4. February 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker find activities for the children in the camp of Kebrtu 1 in Duhok province with man responsible for one section of the camp. Kebertu camp with 2500 families was divided into 17 sections.

5. July 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker listens to the father of a sick child, whose treatment is not available locally. The family are one of the 200 families living in a building inside Duhok province. The person (older man) behind (with glasses) is Swedish (Leif Pramhäll), former CEO of Salvation Army in Sweden.

6. February 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker with some of the children in the camp of Dawdie, Duhok province.

7. February 2016: H.E. Dr. Baker with a 12-year-old sick boy. He needs some type of transplantation, which is not available locally. His Excellency will try to help him to India for his treatment. He is living with his family in the camp of Dar-Shekran in the Erbil province.

8. February 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker visits one of the hospitals in Duhok province. A grandmother with her sick grandchild. The family weere Kurdish Yazidis from Sinjar town. The person on right hand side, is Mr. Per Helge Grande (Norwegian), CEO of the charity organization “Nødhjelpen”.

9. August 2015: A physically challenged child has just got a stroller from H.E. Dr. Baker.

10. February 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker usually visits one by one families in the refugee camps. Here with a man (Abdullah), lost one arm and one leg. He is Yazidi Kurd from Sinjar town. Now living in the camp of Kebertu, Duhok. Accompanying Dr. Baker Mr. Per Helge Grande (Norwegian), CEO of the charity organization “Nødhjelpen”.

11. February 2015: H.E. Dr. Baker with refugee children in the camp of Khanke, Duhok province. A cameraman (Ruben Grande from Norway). Ruben will be in Kurdistan during the next visit of IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Dr. Baker fro the 12 to the 22 of April 2016. Showed also Per Helge Grande on the left hand side.

IIMSAM’s Senior Ambassador & Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Iraq (Kurdistan Autonomous Province of Iraq) Jordan & Libya Sr. Amb. H. E. Sheikh Hazim Al Juboori Makes In-roads on the Institutional Development of IIMSAM in Kurdistan

opening of Razi Cultural Center in KurdistanIIMSAM-Photo-left: IIMSAM’s Sr. Ambassador and Sp. Envoy of the Secretary GeneraL of IIMSAM H.E. Sheikh Hazim Al Juboori makes in roads in Kurdistan with the opening of Razi Cultural Center in Kurdistan’s Capital City of Erbil. H.E. H.A. Juboori also coordinated a synergy of cooperation between the Barzani Charity Foundation and IIMSAM towards working together in assisting the refugee camps towards improving the health of the refugee children and others by distributing Spirulina through the Refugee camps. H.E. Juboori was accompanied by Vice President of the Foundation, Mr. Musa Ahmed seing in photo on left.

The Centre will train refugees young Kurdish males and females on computers, the young ladies will also have training in sewing classes by providing the equipment necessary to operate the Centre. There was a ceremony of awarding sports accolades in football, cycling and other sports. It has been agreed with the V.P. of the Barzani Foundation Mr. Musa Amed to continue with “Concrete Deeds” in establishing Spirulina distribution programme along with a Sports recreational programme for the refugee youth.

opening of Razi Cultural Center in Kurdistan

opening of Razi Cultural Center in Kurdistan



In 2013: UNICEF & Kurdistan Regional Government adopts standards to improve school environments for children

Erbil, IRAQ – The Kurdistan Regional Government has adopted a set of comprehensive standards to ensure that primary schools across the region become ideal learning environments where children can obtain a high quality education. The Ministry of Education and UNICEF have developed these school standards as part of a larger programme supported by the European Union to improve the quality of and access to primary education across Iraq. “By accepting and implementing these standards, children will have model school settings to study and learn in,” said Dr. Assmet Mohammed Khalid, the Minister of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government.