Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


Professor Yunming LuProfessor Yunming Lu

Professor Yunming Lu is one of the world's leading spirulina experts and considered by many in the People's Republic of China the "Spirulina Father."[ READ FULL BIO ]

Dr.Theodore SotiroudisDr.Theodore Sotiroudis

Dr.Theodore Sotiroudis is IIMSAM's Scientific Expert and Technology Facilitator from the Hellenic Republic Greece. Since 1977 he has been a researcher of National Hellenic Research Foundation, and since 1995 Director of Research in IBRB/NHRF. He is group leader of the Programme ''Enzymology''.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Dr. Charles L. Roe, Ph. D.Dr. Charles L. Roe, Ph. D.

Dr. Roe is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of Algisys, a biotech company focused on producing nutritional oils and high protein additives for the supplement, food & beverage, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to Algisys, he co-founded and served as the CTO for Biofuel Producers of America (dba Algae Producers, Inc.), which is a diversified algae and biofuels company.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Joseph KirahagazweMr. Joseph Kirahagazwe

Mr. Kirahagazwe became a professor of literature in his native country, Burundi. He was appointed to the cabinet of the President of Burundi. He created the NGO "Spirulina et Malnutrition: Solidarité France-Burundi" in order to begin the Spirulina feeding programme, and has been a special guest as well as hosted several conferences on the benefits of Spirulina in Burundi and France.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, M.D.Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, M.D.

Dr. Jean Louis Vidalo, M.D., IIMSAM's International Expert on Spirulina, is a specialist in experimental medicine and sport medicine. Dr. Vidalo is the Chairman of the Medical Institute Hippocampe, located in Geneva, Switzerland. He has worked for over fifteen years on various varieties of Spirulina, their development and production.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Flag of FranceDr. Ripley D. Fox
Director Emeritus and Head of Science Research Institute IIMSAM, France
Flag of IndiaDr. B. D. Kaushik
Head-Divison of Microbiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India
Flag of BeninDr. Roger Adounkpé
Head of Spirulina Programme CREDESA, Pahou, Benin
Flag of ChileDr. Francisco Ayal
Scientist and CEO of Solarium Biotechnology, Spirulina producer, Chile
Flag of ChinaDr. Miao Jian Ren
Chairman of the Science and Technology Commission of Guang Zhou, People’s Republic of China
Flag of MadagascarDr. Ravelo Vololonavalona
Scientist and head of Spirulina program, University of Toliara, Madagascar
Flag of FranceDr. Hubert D. Chastel
Senator Emeritus and Honorary Director-General of Scientific Research, IIMSAM, Scientific Research Institute of Micro-Algae in Biotechnology, France, and Director of the Spirulina Farm, Sosa Texcoco, Mexico