Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition

Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Under ECOSOC Resolution 2003/212 Dated 5th of March 2003.
Designated by the United Nations Economic & Social Council Under Rule 79 of the Council’s Rules and Procedures.


IIMSAM Secretary General’s International Facilitators/Advisory Council on Institutional Development and Programme Support


Dr. Raúl Benítez-AlíasDr. Raúl Benítez-Alías
Legal Adviser
Dr. Raúl Benítez-Alías is a lawyer and expert on international affairs, business negotiations and an e-business consultant. For more than 20 years he has been trained and worked within the United Nations system on International Affairs on issues related to Justice and Development and International Education.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Yoiseif BaumgartenMr. Yoiseif Baumgarten
Adviser on CampMARADONA and Liaison To Boca Jr. Football Club
Mr. Yoiseif Baumgarten, Advisor and Facilitator for the Global Sports for Peace Initiative, joins IIMSAM as a seasoned professional in humanitarian affairs. He has worked throughout the US and Latin America as a spiritual leader, teacher, and advisor for youth soccer programs, and developed summer programs for children.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Miguel LausellMiguel Lausell
Goodwill Ambassador
As a leader in the Puerto Rican community, Miguel D. Lausell has a diverse background in international trade, environmental issues and telecommunications. He has served as a key advisor to several international presidents, and has served as President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Telephone Authority, member of the Governor of Puerto Rico's Economic Strategic Council, President of the Export Policy Commission of Puerto Rico, Undersecretary of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, and Chairman of PonceBank.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Noel MillerMr. Noel Miller
Special Senior Adviser
Mr. Noel Miller is a certified Football/soccer coach, also actively involved in sports & entertainment as a promoter of international football/soccer matches, track & field, cricket, basketball, music and dance concerts. He established several businesses in the US, along with the Global Youth Development Foundation (GYFD) that is a charitable organisation committed to the holistic development of children throughout the Caribbean and of the world.[ READ FULL BIO ]


Mr. Samir Al-NeelMr. Samir Al-Neel
IIMSAM-Media-Director and Senior Diplomatic Special Media Outreach Adviser of the Secretary-General.
(GCC-MENA-Region.) Chief-Editor IIMSAM Arabic Language "Verbatim"

Mr. Samir Al Neel is one of the most respected and professional Journalist Editors and linguists of the Arab Language, as one of the finest media professionals in the Middle East and the GCC. A distinguished professional creative writer since 1999, he has contributed to the African and Arabian Literature through poetry, short stories and literary.[ READ FULL BIO ]

H.E. Rami El AttarH.E. Rami El Attar
Ambassador At Large

Mr. Anis ChtiouiMr. Anis Chtioui
Special Adviser to the Secretary General

Saeed Al FahimSaeed Al Fahim
Special Adviser of the Secretary General (UAE)

H.E. Dr. Sheikh Tarik Khalaf Al AbdullahH.E. Dr. Sheikh Tarik Khalaf Al Abdullah
Hon. Ambassador at-Large (Jordan)
H. E. Dr. Tarik Khalaf Al Abdullah is an eminent citizen of the Republic of Iraq and a Naturalized Jordanian who has an MSc degree in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Business Development. Dr. Abdullah has a profound experience in a variety of business activities and is the chairman of the famous Al Dahir Group that has a transnational presence in many countries.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Eng. Mr. Amgad KhundakjiEng. Mr. Amgad Khundakji
Sp. Adviser of the Secretary-General and Liaison to the Ministry of Agriculture
Eng. Amgad Aref Khundakji is the present Director of Agriculture Crisis Management unit at the Minister of Agriculture in Jordan. He has an extensive expertise and knowledge on agriculture related matters, being the head of the Division Governor Affairs and the head of Directorate Performance/ Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan. [ READ FULL BIO ]


H.E. Dr. Sulaiman Al-FahimH.E. Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim
Ambassador At-Large (Kingdom of Spain) Director-General of SEAPI
Sulaiman Al-Fahim is a successful international real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist and sports enthusiast. He currently serves as Chairman and President of the Arab Union for Real Estate Development (AURD), CEO of the Falcon Group, and sits on the boards of Hydra Properties and is Chairman and part owner of the English Premier League Portsmouth Football Club.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mr. Hassan MoghnieMr. Hassan Moghnie
Special Adviser of the Secretary General In The Federal Republic of Germany

B. FrankB. Frank
Special Adviser of the Secretary General
Born in 1967 in Hamburg, Germany Frank has been involved in multiple business sectors. Currently, Frank lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is focused on providing Consulting Services to Institutions and Businesses who wish to enter the Oil & Gas (limited), Automobile, Hotel, Construction, Real Estate, and General Trade Sectors.[ READ FULL BIO ]

H. E. Mr. Vikrant SandalH. E. Mr. Vikrant Sandal
Ambassador in India and to South Asia-of the Secretary General Strategic-Partnership Initiatives: IIMSAM Spirulina Farms, IIMSAM Global Knowledge Centre & the IIMSAM Spirulina Pledge Campaign
Mr. Vikrant Sandal is a prominent Social Activist and Entrepreneur. He serves as Co-Chair of the Kanwaljit Sandal Foundation, which is working with various national and international organizations including Red Cross, Rotary International, Lions Club in multiple social and welfare projects. He also chairs the Board of Directors of Hash Group.[ READ FULL BIO ]

H.E. Dr. Donald KaberukaH.E. Dr. Donald Kaberuka

H.E. Dr. Donald Kaberuka is the 7th elected President of the African Development Bank Group. As President of the Bank Group, he is chairing the Boards of the African Development Bank and the African Development Fund, the soft loan arm of the Group. As minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Kaberuka was the Governor for Rwanda at the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the African Development Bank.[ READ FULL BIO ]

Mohamad Elsayed Farahat SaadMohamad Elsayed Farahat Saad
Goodwill Ambassador (Ghana)

Mr. M. NabilMr. M. Nabil
Principal Special-Adviser of the Secretary General (Institutional-Development in Republic of Angola)